Can I Put a Hot Tub on My Deck?

hot tub on deck

You have an image in your head. Actually, it’s on Pinterest — and there is more than one. Hot tubs, the water warm and swirling, sitting on a deck. Some of the installations look rustic, an adult version of a treehouse, while others resemble a modern spa. All of them are dreamy, inspiring your vision for a hot tub on a deck.

However, seeing a picture online can be different than reality. As you plan for delivery and installation, you might find yourself asking, “Can I put a hot tub on my deck?” And, what if it’s a second-floor deck?

The answer: Absolutely. 

Before you schedule your delivery, there are planning considerations to make.

Hot Tub on Deck Advantages

The best place to put your hot tub is where you are most likely to use it. For many, the closer the hot tub to the house, the easier it will be to get in after a long day.

Proximity to the indoors is one of the advantages of putting a hot tub on your deck. All you have to do is open up the patio doors and get in.

But there are more advantages to choosing a hot tub-deck installation.

The hot tub will be a part of your entertaining area, the space where you spend time with loved ones.  When you are hosting get-togethers, guests can easily enjoy the hot tub or sit spa-side and relax.

You can also make the most out of an existing structure, a plus if you do not want to overhaul your outdoor living space.

Depending on your space, the hot tub will also give you a new vantage point from which you can enjoy the great outdoors.

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second floor hot tub
A new deck can be designed to support the weight of a spa while complementing your outdoor space.

Hot Tub on Deck Considerations

Most spa manufacturers will recommend that you have a contractor evaluate your deck. The contractor will look at the structural integrity and make sure that the structure can support the hot tub.

Weight of the Hot Tub

Most decks are built for the purpose of entertaining and relaxing. The supports can hold a group of people, patio furniture, and even a grill. However, a hot tub is different. A hot tub, when filled with water, can weigh between 3,000 and 6,000 pounds. 

When you are considering putting a hot tub on your deck, it needs to be able to hold the hot tub. An existing structure might need to be reinforced. Or, you might need to add onto the deck so that the footers are poured for the spa’s weight.

Age of the Materials

Do you know how old your deck is? If not, you might want to consider whether the materials are weathered and need replaced. Unless treated properly, the wood might be weak in some spots. In addition, the deck might have been built to different standards. When a contractor is inspecting the deck, they will want to look at everything from lag screws and joist hangers, as well as noting the location of the main beams. 

Size of the Structure

The decision to put your hot tub on the deck might be an easy one. However, where on the deck will it sit? Be sure that your structure has enough room for the spa without taking over the space. You will still want room for seating, a table, and other accessories. 

Water Source

Most considerations when planning to put a spa on your deck involve the weight of the spa … with water. But where is the water coming from? Be sure to make sure there is a nearby spigot or a garden hose will be able to reach the spa. Also consider where the water will go when you drain your hot tub, which is a part of routine maintenance.


The deciding factor for putting your hot tub on a deck might not be whether it’s possible. It might be the cost. You might be surprised to learn how much it will cost to reinforce the deck, as a project might hit $5,000. 

If budget is an issue, consider a concrete pad or another alternative.

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deck with hot tub
A partially recessed hot tub can be an alternative to putting a spa on your deck.

Alternatives to Putting a Hot Tub on Your Deck

The appeal of having a spa on your deck might be convenience. However, there are alternative installations if the project is not possible or too costly.

Recessed Deck

A recessed spa installation can give you the look of a luxe retreat while being convenient to your home. 

To recess a hot tub, the contractor will cut out a section of the deck just large enough for the spa. The crew will pour new footings and build a mini deck to support the weight of the spa.

Adjacent to the Deck

Depending on the height of the structure, you can choose to install the spa adjacent to the deck. The crew will pour a concrete pad next to the deck, providing a level foundation for the hot tub. 

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