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How long does it take to raise pH using aeration?

How do you lower total alkalinity?

Should I use chlorine or bromine in my pool?

How do you install a salt chlorine generator for a pool?

Pros and cons of cleaning system for in-ground pool

Pool ownership should be fun — not a chore. Learn from the supportive Pool Spa Forum community while discovering how to treat and prevent common water problems with your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool.

Hot Tubs

Why is there a yellow film in my hot tub?

Why is the ozone system not working on my hot tub?

Why is there a slimy feeling on hot tub seats?

Can you use Epsom salts in a hot tub?

Help! Hot tub filter pump won’t stop running.

Feeling stressed about your hot tub? Troubleshoot hot tub repairs, get information about buying a hot tub, and learn how to maintain hot tub water chemistry. Hot tub owners offer help and advice to make spa ownership relaxing.

Swim Spas

What are the best brands of exercise spas?

Do I need a swim spa cover in the summer?

Swim spa brand comparison

Can warm water therapy reduce stress?

How loud is a swim spa?

Get information about the best swim spa brands, explore swim spa installation ideas, and more. If you are a new swim spa owner, tap into the knowledgeable community and get the help you need to balance swim spa chemicals and troubleshoot service problems. 

Water Care

Why does the pH in my hot tub keep going up?

How do you switch from using bromine to chlorine in a hot tub?

How to lower the calcium hardness in hot tub water?

How much non-chlorine shock do you need?

How do you shock a saltwater pool?

Is your pool water green? Or, is the shock treatment for your hot tub not working? Get the answers to important questions about hot tub and pool chemicals while learning how to develop a water maintenance routine.

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