Category: Hot Tub Maintenance

hot tub temperature safety

Is 106 degrees too hot for a hot tub? Spa safety tips

A hot tub should be, well, hot … right? One of the benefits of soaking in a spa is the therapeutic effect of warm water.  The truth: The temperature of […]

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hot tub chlorine

How to keep your hot tub chlorine from dropping

You step out of your hot tub, sprinkle in some chlorine, and turn on the jets. After a half-hour or so, you put the cover on and head back inside. […]

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purge hot tub

Purge, drain, and refill your hot tub: Maintenance tips

You want your hot tub water to be clean and clear every time you go out to soak. The truth is that, lately, it’s been harder and harder to keep […]

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salt water hot tub

Should You Buy a Salt Water Hot Tub?

Answering Top Questions about Salt Water Hot Tubs Thinking of salt water can inspire the best memories of summers at the beach and walking along the boardwalk. Floating in the […]

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hot tub water problems

Brown Spa Water? Decoding Hot Tub Water Problems

Your grass is supposed to be green. The peonies in your garden are supposed to be pink. The clouds white. The afternoon sun will be yellow. But your hot tub […]

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backyard hot tub on patio

Are You Making These Hot Tub Mistakes?

A hot tub can take your backyard from a place you spend time and turn it into a place where you live. An at-home retreat, the hot tub will help […]

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hot tub chemicals

How To: Hot Tub Chemicals

Don’t let the sales pitch fool you. All hot tubs require chemicals to keep the water clean and clear. From a sanitizer to sequestering agent, hot tub chemicals work alongside […]

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hot tub in snow

Hot Tub Basics: Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

Winter might be the most wonderful time of the year — at least according to the song. But the great outdoors can feel less inviting when cold air stings your cheeks […]

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start up hot tub

A Step-By-Step Guide to Filling Your Hot Tub

A tutorial for first-time hot tub owners Everything is ready for your hot tub. The concrete patio has been poured, and the electrical has been installed. And the truck has […]

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hot tub vinegar

Baking Soda in a Hot Tub? Spa Chemical Alternatives

The idea of a chemical free hot tub might seem too good to be true. But some hot tub owners have found a way to keep their water safe for […]

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