Home infinity pool creates 5-star backyard

infinity backyard pool

The luxury and beauty of the infinity pool is no longer reserved for the exotic all-inclusive resort or the five-star hotel. This popular design trend is making its way into homeowners’ backyards, bringing the best of vacation to the every day. 

An infinity home pool will have one or more exposed walls that’s just a bit shorter than the water level. The effect is that the water extends to the horizon, blurring the line between water and sky. A basin catches the water that flows over the wall, and it is circulated back into the pool. 

In this backyard, an infinity home pool helped transform the homeowner’s outdoor space into a luxe retreat. It’s a sophisticated, modern space that is ideal for escaping the stress of everyday life, entertaining family, and enjoying some fresh air. 

outdoor seating ideas
A key feature of any backyard oasis is plenty of seating. Whether you want to relax or entertain, you want a place to sit and stretch out.

Backyard infinity pool ideas

Whether you want to call it a negative edge pool, vanishing edge pool, or an infinity pool, this backyard feature will elevate your entire space. 

But if you choose to install a backyard infinity pool, you want a cohesive design that you can enjoy at the end of the day or with friends and family on the weekend. 

The design elements of this backyard will give you plenty of ideas to create your own space with an infinity home pool. 


The best patio furniture is as functional as it is stylish. You need a place to enjoy a meal al fresco, as well as a place to relax with a book. 

This backyard features an oversized round patio chair for lounging solo or cuddling up. Outdoor throw pillows make the seat comfortable while adding a pop of color to the modern patio. 

There is also living room-style furniture, where you can sip a cup of coffee and chat. The gray chairs are neutral while orange outdoor pillows complement indoor furniture.

backyard infinity pool ideas
The columns are not only functional, supporting the patio roof, but an architectural element.

Architectural elements

When designing your outdoor space, it’s important to complement the look of your home and create a cohesive space. This modern house features clean lights and a clean color palette. Square patio columns with a cement true to the style of the home while adding architectural interest. The patio roof has a wood ceiling that adds just enough warmth without being rustic. 

But it’s not just about the looks. The cement bases of the patio columns have electrical outlets, which make it easy to charge a phone or plug in other electronics.

Outdoor patio lighting

Let there be light! When it comes to your backyard patio design, a little bit of lighting can transform your space. Popular outdoor lighting ideas include string lights and oversized lanterns. However, it’s important not to overlook the impact that recessed lighting can have on your space.  This backyard features custom lighting in the concrete patio and in the timber roof of the patio enclosure.

backyard ideaas
Features of this backyard include tropical plants and a custom privacy wall made of river rock.

Custom privacy wall

Good fences might make good neighbors. Good fences, though, do not always make good backyard design. Custom privacy walls and screens are a way to complement the landscape design with the added benefit of privacy. This backyard has a unique rock wall that’s taller than most fences. Not only does it keep neighbors’ eyes from prying but the natural rock balances the modern space.

Modern landscaping 

When you are planning your landscape design, the focus can often be on flowers and other perennials. However, ornamental trees and grasses can add color and texture, too. This backyard features an ornamental tree planted in a rock garden. This type of garden is low-maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time weeding.

The juxtaposition of the ornamental tree and the large windows helps to blur the line between indoors and the landscape, which was a goal for the homeowner.

Other backyard features

  • The catch basin for the backyard infinity pool is filled with the same river rock as the landscaping beds. 
  • Flowering trees add shade and color to the modern backyard. 
  • Small gray planters are used as candle holders, which are placed between the patio columns.
  • Large bifold glass doors blur the line between indoors and out.