What’s Your Backyard Personality?

backyard personality

Your backyard is no longer just a backyard. It’s now a space for teleworking, exercising, relaxing, and entertaining. You can go from a Zoom call on the outdoor couch to cooking dinner on the grill. You can swim in your pool or swim spa and then hang out by the fire pit with loved ones.

But how do you create a backyard oasis that fulfills your needs?  From modern to rustic, functional to fun, there are a lot of styles and options to choose from — especially as the idea of “backyarding” becomes a trend. 

However, it all comes down to personality and how you will actually live in the outdoor space. 

A Tech Boss will want to have the latest outdoor sound system, while Happy Grillmore might want mini grill lights for night-time cooking. 

Other backyard personality types:

  • Host with the Most
  • Zen Master
  • Green Thumb
  • Good Sport
  • Happy Family

This guide will help you create a space that reflects your backyard personality. Even if you don’t fit perfectly into one category, you can choose accessories so you can enjoy your backyard to its full potential. 

backyard technology
Do you consider yourself a Tech Boss? A robotic lawnmower is among our picks for must-have backyard accessories.

Tech Boss

You have the latest iPhone and, when it comes to TVs, bigger is definitely better. People might think a Tech Boss will not enjoy his backyard. However, there are plenty of outdoor gadgets that can create a smart space. 

Must-have items:

Bose Outdoor Environmental Speakers

Robotic Lawn Mower

Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

Form Swim Goggles

Coolbox Entertainment Cooler

backyard personality
A backyard pool is a natural gathering place for your family and friends. As the Host with the Most, choose backyard accessories that make your space inviting.

Host with the Most

One of the reasons you installed a pool at your home was to have a gathering spot for friends and family. A summer weekend isn’t complete without a bash — planned or impromptu. You love to plan a child’s birthday party, celebrate a friend’s promotion, or simply enjoy the company of friends.

When it comes to the Host with the Most backyard personality, it’s important to choose patio accessories that keep the party going. You also want to make the space comfortable and inviting so guests feel at home.

Must-have items:

Outdoor Patio Heater

Cabana Towels

Outdoor Rolling Wicker Bar Cart

Jumbo Connect 4 Outdoor Game

Frozen Drink Maker

zen backyard
A hanging hammock chair and a pouf are must-have accessories for a Zen-like outdoor space.

Zen Master

As a Zen Master, you head outdoors just as much for your mental well-being as the physical benefits. Hello, Vitamin D! You enjoy curling up with a cup of tea on your outdoor sofa and swinging in your backyard hammock. You practice mindfulness, purposefully taking time out of your day to hear the birds and feel the sun on your skin. 

When you are planning your outdoor space, you want to plan spaces that allow you take a timeout from the busyness of life. 

Must-have items: 

Project One Macrame Hanging Hammock Chair

Sunnydaze Stacked Slate Outdoor Water Fountain

Terra Flame Tabletop Fire Bowl

Decor Therapy Outdoor Pouf

Maggift Hanging Solar Lights

backyard grilling
If you love tending the grill, be sure to have the accessories that show off your backyard style.

Happy Grillmore

You are happiest when you get the perfect sear marks on your Ribeye, with a pair of stainless-steel tongs in your hands. Smoke wafts through the air as the kids splash in the pool, the sizzle of the meat interrupting squeals of excitement. Your loved ones know that if they want a great meal, they should head over to your place. 

When you are planning your backyard space, you should make sure that you have the accessories that make grilling fun and easy.

Must-have items:

Cubix Coolest Cooler

Clever Chef Apron

Kamado Joe Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Keter Unity Portable Outdoor Table and Storage Cabinet

Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

green thumb personality
Show off your green thumb personality with our picks for the best backyard accessories.

Green Thumb

As a Green Thumb personality, taking care of your yard is not a chore. You enjoy mowing grass, pulling weeds, and planting flowers. And your efforts don’t go unnoticed — by the entire neighborhood. Your property is a repeat winner of Yard of the Month, an honor awarded by your neighborhood association. 

When you are planning your backyard design, you are thinking not just about patio furniture but your climate zone.

Must-have items: 

Sorbus Tricycle Plant Stand

Waterproof Solar Garden Lily Lights

Wicker Design Garden Hose Pot

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Garden Gnome Statue

fun ideas for outdoor
Your backyard is more than a place to relax and hang out. It’s a place for you to be active with your family.

Good Sport

Sports are not just something you watch or something you play. It’s part of your life. You love staying active, whether it’s swimming in your swim spa or tossing a ball around with your favorite kiddos. As a Good Sport, you know that you want your backyard to be a place for more than lounging.

Must-have items: 

Floating Golf Game

TRX Suspension Training System

Inflatable Pool Volleyball Set

Spikeball Game Set

Slackline Kit

family pool
It’s important to have a space for your family to get away from the busyness of life. Make your backyard a space that’s comfortable and fun for the youngest members of your crew.

Happy Family

Weekdays can be go, go, go. So when it comes time to the weekend and spending time at home, you want a space built for child-friendly fun. Large swaths of grass offer a place to play. The pool can be a place to cool off. And dinners are quick — hot dogs on the grill with wedges of watermelon. 

Whether there are kids at home or just young visitors, it’s important for people with the Happy Family backyard personality to have a space that’s safe and fun. 

Must-have items:

Saucer Tree Swing

H20 GO Giant Pool Inflatable Water Slide

BroElec Bug Zapper

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Glow in the Dark Lawn Darts Game