6 Steps to Protect Your Hot Tub During a Hurricane

hurricane hot tub

The warning from the National Hurricane Center has been issued, and a storm is coming your way.

The potential of a hurricane making landfall near your home can be scary. While you can’t control the path of the storm or when it will hit, you can do your best to minimize the damage. For many, the to-do list includes installing storm shutters, preparing an emergency kit, and securing personal items.

But spa owners might also be concerned about protecting their hot tub during a hurricane.

While the safety of your loved ones should come first, there are things you can do to protect your hot tub investment.

hot tub hurricane
When a hurricane is imminent, It’s important to keep your hot tub filled. The water will make the spa heavier, making it more likely it will stay where it belongs during the storm.

How to Prepare Hot Tub for Hurricane

Don’t Drain Your Hot Tub

An acrylic hot tub can weigh anywhere from 600 pounds up to 1,500 pounds — or more — depending on the size and manufacturer. But when it’s filled with water, the weight multiplies. Think thousands of pounds. The added weight of the water will help your hot tub stay put during the storm.

Balance the Chemicals

The strong wind gusts of a hurricane can blow dirt, dust, and debris, all of which can negatively impact your hot tub water. To maintain the sanitation of your hot tub and prevent problems, it’s important to balance and shock the water.

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Turn off the Power

Power outages and surges are common during hurricanes. The change in power supply can be a fire risk, as well as potentially damage the electrical system of your hot tub. It’s important to shut off the power to your hot tub at the circuit breaker. Don’t forget to shut off any electrical “add-ons” that might be connected to your hot tub.

hurricane sandbag
If you expect even minor flooding during a hurricane, it’s important to sandbag the area around your hot tub. Sandbags can help protect the electrical components of your hot tub.

Secure Backyard Furniture and Other Items

The plastic lawn chair might be the last thing you are concerned about when you want to protect your hot tub during a hurricane. However, lawn furniture, toys, and garden accessories can cause a lot of damage when tossed across the yard at 70 mph. Be sure to secure all furniture and items in your backyard. Also consider trimming any tree limbs that could fall onto you’re your hot tub.

Strap Down Cover

After you have added the sanitizer to your hot tub and it has had a chance to move through the filters, it’s time to put on the cover. The cover will help protect your hot tub from flying debris during a hurricane, which can affect the water and irreversibly damage your hot tub. Make sure that the cover is not only in securely but taut. You can also use high wind straps for extra protection. Properly installed and maintained, the straps can withstand 100 mph winds. The kits include adjust buckles, locking latches, and keys, which help keep the cover on during a hurricane.

Place Sandbags Around Perimeter

Even a foot of water around your spa or house from minor flooding can cause severe damage. If there’s a chance that your yard or house will be flooded, sandbags can help prevent damage to your spa. The sandbag wall will help protect the electrical components of your spa.

clean hot tub water
Before turning on your hot tub after a hurricane, remove all large particles and debris from the water. Things like twigs and leaves can clog your hot tub filter.

Hot Tubs After a Hurricane

Check Power

After a hurricane, it’s important to make sure that the circuit breakers and other connections are dry. Do not turn on the breaker unless you are sure it’s dry. It’s also important to inspect the wiring, harnesses, and other connections around your hot tub before turning it on. Consult a licensed electrician if something does not look right or you are unsure.

Skim the Water

Even withthe cover on and high-wind straps, it’s possible that debris has gotten into the water. Use a net or skimmer to remove large debris from the water. Cleaning out twigs, leaves, and dirt can save your hot tub filter and prevent clots.

hot tub water chemistry
Before you use your hot tub after a hurricane, be sure to test the water and treat it. Even with a cover, dirt and other debris can get into your water and affect the quality.

Balance Chemicals

Test the water and adjust the chemical levels as needed. You might also want to shock your hot tub water, especially if there was a lot of debris in the hot water.

Rinse Your Filters

Cleaning your filter is a part of regular maintenance but is especially important after a hurricane. The filters would have caught any dirt and small debris that made its way into your spa during the storm. And clean filters will make it easier to keep those chemicals balanced so you can finally relax.

Turn on the Hot Tub

Once you are certain that your hot tub is safe to turn on, you can then restore power to the spa.

Sit Back and Relax

Set the water to your favorite temperature, turn on the pumps to the jet, and relax into your favorite seat. The hurricane likely caused you stress and uncertainty. Taking time to relax, unwind, and just be will help you relieve stress and regain a sense of normalcy.