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hot tub on deck

Can I Put a Hot Tub on My Deck?

You have an image in your head. Actually, it’s on Pinterest — and there is more than one. Hot tubs, the water warm and swirling, sitting on a deck. Some of […]

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hot tub cover lifters

Hot Tub Cover Lifters: Do You Really Need One?

“Oof!” you say aloud as you lift up one end of your hot tub cover. “This thing is heavy.” Indeed, a spa cover can be heavy, up to 70 pounds, […]

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hot tubs for vacation rentals

Hot Tub Tips for Vacation and Rental Homeowners

A vacation property, whether it’s in the mountains or at the beach, can be a place where you escape the stress of daily life. However, most families do not have […]

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first time hot tub owners

Must-Have Advice for First-Time Hot Tub Owners

When you are anticipating the delivery of your first hot tub, you want to get everything right. You want your hot tub to be in the right spot on the […]

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hot tub in snow

Hot Tub Basics: Using Your Hot Tub in Winter

Winter might be the most wonderful time of the year — at least according to the song. But the great outdoors can feel less inviting when cold air stings your cheeks […]

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hot tub gravel

Installing a Hot Tub: Can You Put a Hot Tub on Gravel?

Considering a DIY spa installation? Here’s what you need to know. There’s a lot to think about when you are planning for your hot tub’s arrival. But it’s important to […]

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wildfire pool damage

Get Your Pool Up and Running After a Wildfire

A wildfire’s destruction is more than the millions of acres of scorched earth. It can be more than the homes, businesses, and habitats it destroys. A wildfire fills the air […]

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start up hot tub

A Step-By-Step Guide to Filling Your Hot Tub

A tutorial for first-time hot tub owners Everything is ready for your hot tub. The concrete patio has been poured, and the electrical has been installed. And the truck has […]

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hot tub vinegar

Baking Soda in a Hot Tub? Spa Chemical Alternatives

The idea of a chemical free hot tub might seem too good to be true. But some hot tub owners have found a way to keep their water safe for […]

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white water mold

White Water Mold in Your Hot Tub? Do this NOW

Mold is rarely a welcome sight. Whether it’s a blueish-green spot on your cheese or a fuzzy black spot on your bathroom grout, mold is a sign that something has […]

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