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summer family night ideas

9 ideas for epic summer family nights

The weather is warm, and the days are long. But those summer nights? They can be even longer and fun-filled. Summer nights are the perfect time to make the most […]

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outdoor saunas

The hot backyard trend you’ll love: Outdoor saunas

Saunas aren’t just hot — they’re cool. Buildings or rooms that allow for “heat bathing,” backyard saunas are growing in popularity among homeowners. Saunas have been used for thousands of […]

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hot tub temperature safety

Is 106 degrees too hot for a hot tub? Spa safety tips

A hot tub should be, well, hot … right? One of the benefits of soaking in a spa is the therapeutic effect of warm water.  The truth: The temperature of […]

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outdoor hanging chair ideas

Hanging chairs: The ultimate in backyard lounging

Do you want an Instagram-worthy backyard? Creating the picture-perfect outdoor space might be easier than you think. All it takes is one accessory — a hanging chair. Hanging chairs for the […]

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in ground pool installation

Stunning in-ground pool installation: Backyard ideas 

Every homeowner needs a place where they can find sanctuary from the pressure and pace of daily life. For some, it might be their bedroom. Others might find peace cooking […]

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fire pit ideas

Best fire pit ideas for your backyard

Forget outdoor kitchens and designer furniture, this popular backyard design element is hot. Literally. Whether it’s our love of the primitive campfire or s’mores, outdoor fire pits rank highly among […]

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healing garden

Create a private at-home healing garden

There are days when life can seem so busy and overwhelming. Your to-do list is longer than there are hours in the day, and you feel like you are struggling […]

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michael phelps swim spa

Comparing MP Momentum Deep, backyard pools

This blog post is sponsored by Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas, which are proudly manufactured by Master Spas. There’s a lot to look forward to when you decide that you […]

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patio seating ideas

Patio seating ideas for every backyard

Your outdoor space is valuable. And not just from a real estate perspective, either. Spending time outdoors can benefit our mental and physical well-being. When we go outdoors, we move […]

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swim spa chemicals

How to: Swim spa chemicals for beginners 

Swim spas resemble very large hot tubs but can be enjoyed like a pool. But how do you take care of a swim spa? Is it like a hot tub […]

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